'I'm Not Retiring Yet': Nadal Explains Why He Avoided Being 'Too Emotional' In Madrid

'I'm Not Retiring Yet': Nadal Explains Why He Avoided Being 'Too Emotional' In Madrid

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal was all business this week at the 2024 Madrid Open, and while that's not unusual, some expected more emotions from the Spaniard, considering that it was his final time playing there.

The Madrid Open likely isn't Nadal's favorite event when it comes to results, but he's had some great success there. The Spaniard has won it five times, and it's definitely an event he loves returning to, especially because the home crowd supports him.

This year's edition, though, was his final one, as he confirmed earlier this week. He approached it pretty stoically, which surprised many. We all remember how much he cried during Roger Federer's retirement ceremony; so many expected a decent amount of emotion from him.

He didn't really show it, but there is a reason for that. It's not his retirement, so there isn't much reason to be emotional. He spoke about it after his loss to Jiri Lehecka and the ceremony, reflecting on the whole experience and admitting why he perceived a lack of emotion from his side.

"I try to not look at them honestly. Because I didn't want to cry. For me even if it's an emotional day it's not my last match you know. I'm not retiring yet so just saying goodbye from a very special place for me and things need to keep going for me."

Nadal on the match

The night was obviously emotional for Nadal because he had his parents there, and everyone knew the significance of the moment. It's not the retirement, but it was a retirement from the Madrid Open, as we likely will never see him again in La Caja Magica.

He will remember and cherish the night, but he's now thinking ahead to the Italian Open.

"I don't know when my last match will be, but I don't want to become too emotional because I want to keep going for a while. Just trying to keep focus on my path, so today it's a night that will stay in my heart forever, but at the same time, I try to be strong enough to keep going because it's not yet enough."


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