"I'm a sensitive person" - says Rafael Nadal after going viral for crying

"I'm a sensitive person" - says Rafael Nadal after going viral for crying

by Evita Mueller

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Rafael Nadal went viral for his emotional response to Roger Federer's retirement as he was seen crying just as much as Federer was.

For Nadal, who has known Federer his whole professional career, it was an extraordinary experience. He was there when he first became great and again when Nadal held the upper hand in the rivalry but he won't be there any longer.

Speaking at a press conference Nadal admitted it was simply impossible for him not to get emotional because he is a sensitive person.

"I'm a sensitive person, and when you see someone you appreciate like that, it's hard not to get emotional, although it got a little out of hand. When I got to my room, I got emotional again. But because of what was experienced that night, it was difficult not to get excited."

The conversation turned to his own retirement and he admitted it's coming closer although he's not actively thinking about it: "I know that the moment of my retirement will come within 'x' or 'x' plus a little years, but with 36 years and a half, we are in the final stretch of my career. But now I neither consider it nor do I want to consider it. My emotion was not because of that, but because of the appreciation I feel towards Federer."



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