"I thought I can win Roland Garros" - Zverev reflects on his heartbreak

"I thought I can win Roland Garros" - Zverev reflects on his heartbreak

by Evita Mueller

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Alexander Zverev had everything going for him at the 2022 Roland Garros tournament, until the moment that changed his career forever.

He had been playing some of the best tennis of his career and had managed to battle through the competition to reach the semi-finals. As he faced Rafael Nadal in the semi-final, he truly believed that he could win the Roland Garros and secure his first Grand Slam title, after previously losing to Dominic Thiem in the 2020 US Open final.

However, what followed would change everything for Zverev. The match between Zverev and Nadal was a nail-biting affair that saw both players showcase their incredible skills on the court. After three hours of intense tennis, the match reached only the second-set tie-break, with Nadal having won the first one.

It was at this moment that Zverev's ankle rolled, and he suffered a terrible injury that forced him to withdraw from the match and miss the rest of the season. In a recent interview, Zverev revealed how he felt during that fateful match.

"I think 2021, the last six months of the season, was one of the best tennis that I ever played. I lost three or four matches I think in six months. Yeah, that was a special time for me in a way."

"But last year during the French Open was the first time in my life where I went into matches, I went into the [Carlos] Alcaraz match, the Nadal match as well, and I thought I can win the French Open and I'm going to win the French Open."

It was a heartbreaking moment for Zverev, who had come so close to realizing his dream, only to have it snatched away by injury. However, Zverev did not let the setback break him. He spent the rest of the year recovering and working hard to get back to full fitness.

Fast forward to 2023, and Zverev is back on the court and playing some fantastic tennis. He has reached the semi-finals in Dubai, and his game looks as good as ever. Despite the disappointment of last year, Zverev is remaining optimistic about his future.

"Obviously I didn't. Not only did I not win, I basically broke everything that I can in my ankle. So it was, yeah, a tough period. But after an injury like that, I'm happy where I'm standing right now. I'm getting back. I'm playing some decent tennis this week. Hopefully this will continue."

The Roland Garros injury was undoubtedly a setback for Zverev, but it is clear that he has not let it define him. He has worked tirelessly to get back to full fitness, and he is ready to take on whatever challenges come his way.

"In that way I was trying to still keep myself busy. I was still going to the gym two times a day. I was still working out, still trying to improve the things that I can, even with a cast on kind of, so... I mean, there is no way to rush it. There is no way to kind of make the time go faster. I just had to accept it."


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