'Hurting Me More And More': Djokovic Opens Up About Missing His Children

'Hurting Me More And More': Djokovic Opens Up About Missing His Children

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic is not enjoying the best time on the ATP Tour right now, and it may be related to the fact that he misses his family.

Djokovic became a father for the first time in 2014 and welcomed another child in 2017. Now, a decade later, his kids are at the stage where he wants to spend the most time with them as they form lifetime memories.

While the 24-time major winner doesn't have a regular job like most of the people that would prevent him from seeing his kids, he's away from them probably even more than a regular person has to.

It's tough for him, and it gets tougher by the day, which might reflect the way he's playing. This year has been bad for him compared to his previous years, and it's why some have even suggested that he may retire after this season.

It's hard to imagine Djokovic leaving the sport, but the family bond may be just too strong. Each interview he's done recently doesn't go by without him mentioning his family, and that's what happened when he chatted with Nick Kyrgios for his podcast.

"The little Novak, the four-year-old Novak, who started playing tennis in Kopaonik in Serbia, is still inside and still in love with the sport and is still so hungry for more. Right? But at the same time, there's probably this more mature Novak, father and a husband, that is, 'Come on, man. There are other things in life as well."

Many tennis players have had a similar dilemma. Andy Murray often spoke about it, and it's just a decision which may often push athletes into retirement sooner than their capabilities.

"I really miss my children as we speak now. They are back in Europe, and I haven't seen them for weeks. If I do well here, I will not see them for another two, three weeks, who knows? And that's hurting me more and more, leaving them."


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