'Haven't Seen Them In While': Djokovic Opens Up About Missing His Kids

'Haven't Seen Them In While': Djokovic Opens Up About Missing His Kids

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic likes to spend time with his kids, but this busy final part of the season makes it pretty hard to do so.

While Djokovic likes to have the kids on the road with him, it's not always possible. They're not in Turin with him, which makes him miss them because he likes to spend time with his kids. Eventually, they do grow up and go on their way, so these moments are very precious for any parent.

Djokovic's profession has him away from home quite often, so he spends as much time as possible with them when he is home. He talked a bit about his kids after the win over Hubert Hurkacz at the 2023 ATP Finals.

It really, really depends. I like to be outdoor with kids as much as we can. Obviously now it's a bit cold. Again, it really depends.  Obviously now it's a bit late, so probably we like to go swimming in the pool if that's possible. We just play around. We have different games that we play. We cuddle. I haven't seen them in a while. It's always nice to have them close.

Djokovic on his kids

Thanks to Jannik Sinner, Djokovic remains in the ATP Finals draw as he'll contest the semi-final. His season won't end with the ATP Finals, though, as he'll play for Serbia at the Davis Cup as well.

That's actually the main event he's thinking about, more so than the ATP Finals, as he hinted multiple times. Winning the Davis Cup is a huge goal for him, and that's where most of his thoughts are going to right now.

Next week is an important week for us, for our nation. We'll do our best. That's where my thoughts are, then I'll think about the next season.

Djokovic on the Davis Cup


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