'Hung On To That For Dear Life': Sinner Didn't Forget Australian Open Trophy Says Coach

'Hung On To That For Dear Life': Sinner Didn't Forget Australian Open Trophy Says Coach

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner may seem like a cold player when observed from afar, but his coach, Darren Cahill, shared an interesting story about him, which is heartwarming.

The Italian doesn't really look like a typical Italian. It's not about the looks but more about the personality, which seems calmer than the stereotypical portrayal of Italians as loud and passionate, just unlike Sinner.

Seemingly, he does care quite a bit, even though it doesn't really look like that. After winning the Australian Open, Sinner admitted that he didn't spend a lot of time with the trophy, opting to give it to his manager, but according to his coach Darren Cahill, he actually clung onto the trophy quite a bit and only reluctantly gave it up.

It's a nice change of pace from the cold image that Sinner seems to have most of the time when talking to the media. As Cahill revealed after he lifted another trophy at the 2024 Miami Open, Sinner cherishes the trophies he wins quite a bit, which is nice to hear.

"Yeah, he didn't forget the Australian Open trophy. He hung on to that for dear life. Then the tournament took it away from him to send it to him. So he knew where it was going."

Sinner's humble nature is evident in his personality. He doesn't really get too high after wins and always talks about the need to work and improve, which is interesting because success eluded him for a while.

It's only been in the past 18 months that he has started to achieve great success, and his patience throughout that process was crucial.

"He treasures these trophies. He understands that what he's doing is privileged. He's getting to play a sport that he loves and do it at the highest order. He's loving every piece of his life at the moment."


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