Hewitt Slams 'Screwed Up' Davis Cup Format Despite Qualifying For Final 8

Hewitt Slams 'Screwed Up' Davis Cup Format Despite Qualifying For Final 8

by Evita Mueller

Lleyton Hewitt doesn't like this Davis Cup format, and he proved it many times with the way he spoke about it, including recently.

Hewitt did well with Australia to secure a spot in the Final 8 of the Davis Cup; however, he still passionately hates the format. He spoke out against it in the past, noting the tragedy of not having the guys playing in front of fellow Aussies.

As a former player, he certainly knows what it feels like to play in front of stands packed with Aussies, and besides, all of those players remember well the support they received during the Australian Open. After the country qualified for the Final 8 stage of the 2023 Davis Cup, Hewitt once again spoke about the format, repeating what he said several times already.

Absolutely (the finals will be challenging). I've said for years the two greatest things that Davis Cup had was the best-of-five sets, because it was the pinnacle of our sport, and the home and away format.

Playing in front of 500 or 1000 people, it's not the same. But as I've told my team all the time, the pride comes in wearing the green and gold, so for us no matter what the format is, we're still gonna go out there and leave it all on the line. But do I agree this format is good? No, not for a minute.

Stan Wawrinka tore into the ITF earlier this week after playing in front of empty stands and he then made an even bolder claim a few days after that. Hewitt certainly agrees with Wawrinka as he too wants to see changes at the top.

We've gotta get rid of people at the top ... we've seen what's happened, it was meant to be a 25-year thing and it's turned into a four-year disaster. "So until changes are made, we're gonna sit back and go through exactly the same stuff every year. "I can say until the cows come home, but they've really screwed it up.


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