Wawrinka Accuses ITF Of Paying People To Support At Davis Cup Amid Format Controversy

Wawrinka Accuses ITF Of Paying People To Support At Davis Cup Amid Format Controversy

by Alfredo Bassanelli

Stan Wawrinka is not stopping his war on the ITF and the Davis Cup, accusing them of paying people to show up at the event.

Wawrinka is not the only player who doesn't like the new Davis Cup format, and it's not hard to understand why. Most of the players grew up with the old format, where one team plays in front of their fans, creating an incredible atmosphere you normally don't see on a tennis court.

Wawrinka experienced that and remembers it well, so playing in Manchester in front of people who don't really care if he wins or not, mostly waiting for the tie of their home team, isn't the real Davis Cup experience for him. He blasted the ITF a few days ago on social media, and he's not stopping.

In a new X, Wawrinka claims that the ITF is paying people to show up for matches and support the competition, which is something no one expected. It would be even crazier if it turned out to be true, but Wawrinka is convinced it is.

Trivia Davis Cup question : Did you know that @ITFTennis are paying people to support and make some noise for every country at every match

Wawrinka on X

Prominent tennis coach Daniel Vallverdu was shocked by what Wawrinka said asking that it couldn't be true, to which the Swiss veteran responded that it was '100% confirmed'.

DV:  I hope thats not true?

SW: 100% confirmed

Wawrinka and Vallverdu on X

Whatever the truth might be, it just makes the whole situation look like an even bigger mess than it is. Novak Djokovic recently spoke about the need to preserve the Davis Cup and the dedication of players like him helps greatly in that regard.

It won't be here forever, so some changes definitely need to be implemented in the future. Otherwise, the future is rather bleak.


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