Tomic Clarifies Viral Footage Of Him Being Brutally Attacked On Street

Tomic Clarifies Viral Footage Of Him Being Brutally Attacked On Street

by Nurein Ahmed

Bernard Tomic broke his silence and responded to viral footage showing him being brutally attacked by two men.

Earlier this week, a video circulating online showed two men viciously assaulting Tomic, who was dressed in a tracksuit and seemingly defenseless. The two attackers were unidentified, as was the person filming the incident, which took many tennis fans by complete surprise.

It was not known what actually transpired in the events leading to the attack that left Tomic lying down on the ground and attempting to cover his face frantically from the brutality before he was picked up onto his feet.

Initially, Channel 10, an Australian TV network, gave details on the location of the attack, saying it was filmed outside of a tattoo parlor on the Gold Coast, but the specifics regarding the date and time of the assault remained a mystery.

Tomic has since shed light on the incident for the first time, hopping over to his Instagram account. Tomic revealed that the incident happened about five or six years ago, and was completely caught unaware of how it all went viral now. The former Top 20 player on the ATP Tour was competing at a Challenger event in Turkey during the weekend the footage emerged.

"Hello, hope everyone is doing well, I'm here in Istanbul, Turkey. Flying to the USA. I haven't been on Instagram over the last couple of months, so thought I'd jump over to talk about this video that has been circulating. Heh, it's so funny cause that happened five or six years ago. So I have no idea why this is all going on now."

As he stated in the video, Tomic is due to fly to the United States where he is scheduled to play at the Cary Challenger next week. Once touted as the next big thing in Australian tennis, the 30-year-old is currently hovering just inside the Top 300.


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