Federer Hints At Becoming Team Europe Captain At Laver Cup

Federer Hints At Becoming Team Europe Captain At Laver Cup

by Sebastian Dahlman

Roger Federer is in the house for the 2023 Laver Cup and he hinted at being in the house regularly in the future.

As the person who came up with the concept that eventually became the Laver Cup, Federer looks at the event very fondly. He left a huge mark on the sport, but this event is 'his baby' in a way. After all, his retirement at the event didn't happen by chance.

He could have picked Wimbledon, Basel, or any other ATP event, but he picked the Laver Cup. In any case, the Swiss former player has been present at most Laver Cup editions, whether as a player or an ambassador for the event.

He's also in Vancouver this year, where he spoke about possibly becoming a captain, something that many fans speculated about for a long time. The current captains of the respective teams are Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. They're capable individuals, tennis legends who know the sport well, but they also might opt out of that role in the future.

Roger Federer might become a Team Captain in the future, and he's not afraid to say it out loud. It's not happening now, nor are there plans to do it in the near future, but down the road, why not? He loves the European blue, so why not wear it again, even as a coach?

I like being in the tennis sphere. Maybe one day, I’ll be the Captain of the team. There’s no plans as of now, but I think that could be quite nice.

We won't be getting it anytime soon, as Federer noted, but it's certainly something on the cards down the road. For now, he's content about being an ambassador for the event and simply watching it unfold from the stands.

On another note, imagine being a player and getting coached by Federer. That would certainly ensure better entry fields than this year.


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