'She Always Had This Arrogance': Serena Williams Blasted By Cirstea After Halep Dig

'She Always Had This Arrogance': Serena Williams Blasted By Cirstea After Halep Dig

by Evita Mueller

Sorana Cirstea came to the defence of Simona Halep after Serena Williams took a dig at her in light of the suspension recently.

Serena Williams is not perfect and never has been, like any other person on the planet. She'll be the first to tell you that, and she simply couldn't help herself but to comment on the Halep situation recently.

To be fair, it's unclear whether her comment on X was really linked to that, but when you zoom out and look at the whole picture, it's hard to argue that it's not linked. Williams lost a Wimbledon final against Halep a few years ago and referenced that in a recent post on X not long after Halep was officially suspended from the sport.

She wasn't the only one who reacted negatively to the announcement because quite a few fans also turned their back on Halep. The suspension is not final because the Romanian will launch an appeal, but her reputation certainly took a hit with this whole process. Even so, fellow Romanian Cirstea came to the defence of Halep, blasting Williams as an arrogant person.

Serena as a player was extraordinarily good, but as a person, she always had this arrogance. She didn't accept when someone could beat her or when someone took a title from her.

Cirstea on Serena Williams

It's not too hard to imagine because Williams is the greatest female tennis player to have ever lived, and that status can certainly make somebody argue. When you add the somewhat feisty personality of Williams to the mix, you get the idea.

It's part of her charm, which her sister Venus Williams also shares, and likely contributed to her being the competitive person that she is. You need to have self-belief in yourself to do what she was able to do, and too much confidence can tip the scale to the wrong side. But is it true? We'll probably never know.


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