Federer Breaks Silence On Djokovic Winning 23rd Grand Slam

Federer Breaks Silence On Djokovic Winning 23rd Grand Slam

by Sebastian Dahlman

Roger Federer is now 3 grand slams behind Novak Djokovic in the all-time list but he's happy for the Serbian as for tennis because he thinks it's a great thing.

The way a sport evolves is by the players pushing it forward. Much of that has to do with achievements and back in the day it was Pete Sampras who pushed tennis to a new height. Then it was Roger Federer pushing it to a new height and then it was Rafael Nadal pushing it further.

Not long after that, Djokovic moved the goalpost further by becoming the first male player to ever win 23 grand slams. There have been plenty of congratulatory messages from all sides. He got a golden racquet from his racquet provider Head Tennis. He was also congratulated by Rafael Nadal and now Roger Federer broke his silence on the achievement as well.

I thought what Novak did was incredible. It’s great for tennis, great for sports, when tennis writes its own history. It keeps on adding to it like we’ve seen with Serena Williams, Rafa, myself, and now with Novak – it’s a great time for tennis to be honest. To be a fan as well but also a player.

It's a classy and nice way of putting it which was expected from Federer. Nobody played with more grace and you'll be hard-pressed to find a player that conducted him with more grace off the court. The really young version of Federer probably allows Nadal to win that one but after so many years, Federer rarely misspeaks or does something controversial.

Federer as well remembered how the players pushed each other to get better. Many, Roger included, thought that Sampras' 15 majors would stay forever, but it didn't. He got to 15, then to 20, then Nadal got to 22 and then Djokovic made it 23.

I remember when I came on tour and Pete Sampras had reached 14 [Grand Slam wins] we thought, ‘okay that one is going to stay forever.’ Then I went to 15, then we pushed each other to 20, I don’t remember who was first, then Rafa pushed it to 22 I believe and now Novak pushed it to 23. 

It looks like he’s going to keep on doing that for a long time still to come which is great and I wish him all the best. He’s not the youngest anymore, he looks young but its not easy. I thought it was an amazing victory and I couldn’t have been more happy for him to be honest.


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