'Except Zverev, 98 Out Of 100 Players Love Medvedev' According To Petkovic

'Except Zverev, 98 Out Of 100 Players Love Medvedev' According To Petkovic

by Zachary Wimer

Daniil Medvedev is getting some undeserved hate, according to former player Andrea Petkovic, who defended the Russian.

Many news tennis fans who don't follow tennis started to do so through the Netflix TV series Break Point. Some even crossed paths with Andrea Petkovic, and she was surprised at how much they didn't like Medvedev.

He was featured alongside Alexander Zverev in the second season of the show, and he might not have been portrayed that well. According to Petkovic, who spoke on the Rennae Stubbs' Tennis Podcast, some people really don't like Medvedev, and she had to say something about that.

"Talking to people that are not in tennis, that just watched the series came up to me and, like, 'Medvedev is such an a*****le.' I would be like, 'What?' [They'd be like] 'Yeah, he's the worst!' [I'm like] 'Don't say this ever, ever again!' Three months later, it makes me angry, because that time I just thought, 'Ugh, bad portrayal, let's move on.'"

According to the former player, Medvedev is actually one of the most well-liked guys on the ATP Tour. It's basically just Zverev, who had some incident with the Russian player.

Unfortunately for Medvedev, that was picked by Netflix, and the way they portrayed him in that episode certainly didn't help his reputation. Despite being liked among players, some fans now think the opposite.

"You can't put one of the guys, who is the most beloved on the ATP... yes he has weird quirks, every player has... Except Zverev, 98 out of 100 players love Medvedev. In every single interview, they are like, 'Who's the funniest? Medvedev', 'Who's the smartest? Medvedev', 'Who's the coolest? Medvedev'... he wins every single time, and then Netflix goes ahead and portrays him as the villain? Honestly, F you Netflix. F you."

Petkovic on Medvedev


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