Djokovic Warned About Alcaraz, Sinner & Rune Feeling They Can Beat Him Now

Djokovic Warned About Alcaraz, Sinner & Rune Feeling They Can Beat Him Now

by Zachary Wimer

Former ATP player Andy Roddick warned Novak Djokovic about young players now fully believing that they can beat him.

When it comes to confidence, there is no shortage among these up-and-coming players like Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune, and Jannik Sinner. Being confident is important, but backing it up on the tennis court is very different.

All of them did it by now, and that helps with building even more confidence. If you beat the 24-time Grand Slam champion once, you start to feel like you can beat him, but if you beat him twice or even more times, you fully believe you can do it.

Just look at Jannik Siner and what he was able to do against Djokovic in recent months. That's the sort of thing Roddick warned Djokovic off when it comes to this new and up-and-coming generation of players.

The American talked about Djokovic's most recent loss during his newly launched podcast, which promises to bring even more insights into the world of tennis to tennis fans.

"He kind of limped out of this tournament [Australian Open] a little bit, you know, through no fault of his own, the guy’s been better than anyone on Earth, and it's gonna happen."

The near future might not be entirely bleak for the Serbian, but the next few years look really bumpy for Djokovic if this trend continues. That's why Roddick is curious to see what happens in Indian Wells, as that's the next big event where all of the big favourites should play.

"But I'm a little concerned one, he's not getting younger when it turns, it turns quickly also, he has guys that can punch him in the mouth, you know, he has this new generation that once they know they can beat him, they're not going to revert to the, you know, the mentality that there's no way to beat."


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