Djokovic Reportedly Set To Miss Canadian Open In Lead Up To US Open

Djokovic Reportedly Set To Miss Canadian Open In Lead Up To US Open

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Novak Djokovic will be making a return to the US Open this year but he won't be making a return to the Canadian Open a few weeks before the final major of the year.

The Serbian's last match came less than a week ago in London at the Wimbledon Championships. It was the final of the event and a 5-set battle against world number one Carlos Alcaraz. It was a fierce battle, but one he lost to the Spaniard.

With that, the US Open automatically became much more important for Djokovic. He's been highly motivated and he'll be even more so after the loss in London. It's one of those events where he had a lot of success over the years but also failed in the final more than once. The Serbian will hope to dethrone Carlos Alcaraz in Flushing Meadows, as the Spaniard won the event last year.

The plan for his Alcaraz revenge is in place, but it doesn't feature the Canadian Open in Toronto, as he will only play at the Cincinnati Masters leading up to the US Open, according to the reports. The major begins on August 28th, and he will miss the Canadian Open, which begins on August 7th. He confirmed his intentions to Serbian outlet Sportklub confirming that he'll only play Cincinnati.

Yes, that’s the plan for now – I will play in Cincinnati as preparation for New York.

Djokovic to Sportklub

It makes sense for Djokovic who doesn't need as much preparation as he used to years ago. His commitment to playing himself into form during a Grand Slam is pretty well-known and it hasn't failed him often.

The US Open has been mentioned by Djokovic as an obvious goal for this year on top of the Davis Cup Finals, which is another event he aims to win. The former is coming up first, so it's Cincinnati and then the US Open. No Djokovic in Canada once more.


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