Djokovic Refuses To Say 'Who Is GOAT' Because Of 'Respect For Other Greats'

Djokovic Refuses To Say 'Who Is GOAT' Because Of 'Respect For Other Greats'

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic doesn't want to name the 'greatest of all time' (GOAT) out of respect for his colleagues and other greats.

Nick Kyrgios staged a special episode of the Good Trouble with Nick Kyrgios podcast, in which he had the 24-time major winner recording the episode in front of a crowd.

It looked more like a talk show than a podcast episode, but Djokovic seemingly enjoyed reconnecting with Kyrgios. They talked about their relationship, tennis, and many other things, including the 'GOAT' debate.

According to many, it's not much of a debate because Djokovic looks like the top man in the sport, but it's not something that he wants to shout out loud. The Serbian avoids the topic, even though he admitted that it's probably good for tennis overall.

"For me it’s so hard to have this discussion but I think when it comes to tennis, I enjoy people talking about it. And the reason why – the more people talk about it, the more discussion there is towards tennis, so the more tennis benefits from that and as a tennis player, I want that for my sport, I want more children involved in the sport."

For the past ten years, the 'GOAT' debate has been the main topic in the world of tennis. Three amazing players were each adding to their resumes in real time until one of them retired.

The rankings of the 'GOAT' debate change constantly, but nowadays, Roger Federer can't add to his resume anymore, while injuries prevent Rafael Nadal from doing so. Still, Djokovic won't say who he thinks is the GOAT.

"But I will never say who I think the GOAT is in tennis, I will never say that, I’ll leave it to others. Mostly out of respect to all the greats and all the champions in all the generations before us."


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