Djokovic Refuses To Further Comment On Split With Long-TIme Coach Ivanisevic

Djokovic Refuses To Further Comment On Split With Long-TIme Coach Ivanisevic

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic refused to provide further context after announcing his split with long-time coach Goran Ivanisevic.

This year has been a rather strange year for Djokovic, who hasn't played well and off the court, it's been eventful for him as well. When it comes to his tennis, the Serbian hasn't played to the level we know of him.

His Australian Open run ended in a crushing defeat to Jannik Sinner, during which he yelled at his team more than once. His Indian Wells experience ended in a surprising loss to Luca Nardi, who is not even in the Top 100, and now he has split from his long-time coach Ivanisevic.

The split was rather shocking as it surprised everyone, especially since it worked out so well for nearly six years. Reporters from Croatia set out on a mission to try and find out more.

They made the trip to Belgrade, where Djokovic is currently staying as he prepares for clay season, but the Serbian wasn't in the mood to speak on the split.

"I can't make any comments now, I'm sorry that I won't give you what you're looking for, but thank you for coming. You are welcome to stay here, but Goran and I have ended our cooperation. You saw the (social media) post, so..."

Djokovic to Slobodna Dalmacija

The Serbian did add a few comments about Ivanisevic admitting that he'll always be part of his family and a good friend, so it seems like they remained on good terms, or Djokovic wants to make us believe so. Apparently, the reason why they split was a huge argument that they had.

"Goran is a member of the family, a friend forever and it will remain like that. Professionally, we simply parted ways, having achieved a historic result - the most trophy-winning player and coach ever, so I think in that sense, it's all been said."


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