'You Don't Make Moves In March': Djokovic's Coaching Split Surprises Roddick

'You Don't Make Moves In March': Djokovic's Coaching Split Surprises Roddick

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic's split with his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, surprised former ATP player Andy Roddick quite a bit as he reacted to the news.

Only a few hours ago, Djokovic parted ways with Goran Ivanisevic. This news was rather surprising to many, including former player Andy Roddick, who was left very confused by the decision of the 24-time major winner.

Djokovic and Ivanisevic worked together for many years, and it was going pretty well. Their last experience in Melbourne wasn't that great, but generally, they did a good job together.

For Roddick, though, the timing of it all is the most surprising thing because players usually don't make significant moves like this in March or April.

"I was surprised. You don’t look to make moves in March or April. This has had to be a surprise to both of them. There had to be something to set this in motion mid-season."

Roddick on the Tennis Channel

Djokovic generally likes to surround himself with people he knows best. For much of his career, the people around him were the same, and he didn't change things often.

He changed quite a few things recently, including splitting with his long-time agent last year. In light of this most recent change, Roddick wonders what might be going on.

"Djokovic has kind of turned over his entire team - his management, now Ivanisevic. I’ll be curious to see who he goes to next."

It's been a shaky year for Djokovic so far, as he didn't impress Down Under. He certainly didn't impress in Indian Wells, and he withdrew from the Miami Open.

The Monte-Carlo Masters will be the next event he plays, and he's been preparing for it in Belgrade recently. He will probably be asked about this move in the future, hopefully shedding more light on the situation.


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