Jannik Sinner vs Daniil Medvedev: 2024 Miami Open - Preview & Prediction

Jannik Sinner vs Daniil Medvedev: 2024 Miami Open - Preview & Prediction

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner and Daniil Medvedev will play each other for the second time in 2024 at the Miami Open.

This matchup is a pretty fascinating one and one that could turn into a rivalry, considering how frequently they've played in recent years. Some of those matches were pretty big and important, which adds a lot of emotion to the growing rivalry.

Just take this year's Australian Open final. Medvedev was up 2-0 against Sinner, but the Italian turned things around to win his maiden Grand Slam trophy. They also played in last year's Miami Open final, and while this is only a semi-final, both players will want to win.

Sinner has been playing super solid tennis in Miami, the same as Medvedev, but who will be able to go up a notch? Let's find out.


Sinner and Medvedev have already played ten times on the ATP Tour, and while the Russian leads 6-4 overall, the Italian has been turning the H2H around lately. Looking at the matches from 2023 onwards, there were six of them, and Sinner won the last four.

The China Open final was won by the Italian, the Vienna Open final was won by Sinner, and the ATP Finals semi-final was also won by Sinner, as was the Australian Open final. None of those wins were smooth, but somehow, Sinner could find solutions every time.

Jannik Sinner Daniil Medvedev
4 H2H 6
3 Rank 4
22 Age 28
20-1 2024 W/L 18-3
210-75 Career W/L 351-139


I think he will find it again. There is just something in the matchup that bothers Medvedev, and it's probably the hitting. Sinner has transformed into an incredibly powerful and consistent hitter who grinds you down in matches. I think he'll do it again, and I think he'll win.

Prediction: Jannik Sinner to win in two sets.


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