WATCH: Djokovic's Clash With Team Resurfaces After Shock Split With Coach Ivanisevic

WATCH: Djokovic's Clash With Team Resurfaces After Shock Split With Coach Ivanisevic

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic recently terminated his partnership with coach Goran Ivanisevic, and a very heated moment from the Australian Open is making the rounds in light of that.

It's been a rather interesting year for Djokovic, as very few things went well for him. Things started to fall apart internally last year when he made some changes in his team and split with his long-time agent.

Some other cuts were made, and the biggest one was made recently. Djokovic let go of Goran Ivanisevic, who coached him for the past five years and did so really well.

Many trophies were won under Ivanisevic, including the 2023 ATP Finals, which was the last big trophy the Serbian won under the former Croatian ATP player.

This year hasn't been that good for him as he disappointed at the Australian Open, failing to win the event for the first time in years. His exit came at the hands of Jannik Sinner, who played a tremendous match to take him down in the semi-final, and a moment from that match is making the rounds on social media lately.

It was a moment of frustration when Djokovic shouted angrily at his team, which isn't such a rare thing. He's done it many times in the past, and it generally happens when things don't go well for him, which was the case with this example as well.

In this specific rant toward his box, Djokovic appeared to suggest that he was going to let go of them all by the way he was gesturing towards them.

Obviously, we don't know whether these things were connected, but some of the latest reports suggest the two had an argument prior to the split.

Djokovic is making significant changes to his team, and it's not clear at the moment who will replace Ivanisevic. With coach or without, his next event should be the Monte-Carlo Masters.


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