Djokovic Looking 'Very Ominous' For Sinner Ahead Of Semifinal At Australian Open Says Henman

Djokovic Looking 'Very Ominous' For Sinner Ahead Of Semifinal At Australian Open Says Henman

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic is hoping to win the Australian Open yet again, and former player Tim Henman could see him do it.

The Brit has been watching Djokovic closely as part of the Eurosport coverage team, and he was quite impressed with what he saw. Some early hiccups in the earlier rounds ultimately didn't matter much because Djokovic is hitting a really high level by now.

His most recent win over Taylor Fritz was quite impressive, even though it was a battle for the first two sets. Ultimately, Djokovic's form prevailed, and it's a very ominous sign to those hoping to dethrone him.

Speaking to Eurosport after the match between Fritz and Djokovic, Henman talked about how calm Djokovic seems to be.

"It’s very ominous for the other players [how relaxed he is]; how he’s looking so contented with where he’s at. His form is great. No-one would be surprised if he goes on and wins the title again."

The match against Fritz, specifically, could have been far more complicated if the American had been able to hang around for the entirety of the match. He did in the opening set, and he won the second set, but then things kind of fell apart. It was a good battle, though.

"That was a battle. He’ll be relieved to get through the match. I don’t know why we’re surprised, we’ve seen him play this type of tennis so often in Melbourne. He finds a way to get the job done."

Things won't get any easier as he faces Jannik Sinner in the next match. That's a player who has beaten him twice in the last few months, though Djokovic won the most important match between them in the ATP Finals final.

This one will be more important than any of those played, so it will be interesting to see whether Sinner has what it takes to win.


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