Djokovic Is Going To Be 'Unbeatable' In Paris And ATP Finals 'If He's Ready' Says Corretja

Djokovic Is Going To Be 'Unbeatable' In Paris And ATP Finals 'If He's Ready' Says Corretja

by Evita Mueller

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Novak Djokovic was pretty much unbeatable indoors last year, and former player and tennis analyst Alex Corretja thinks this year will be no different.

Djokovic has been pretty unbeatable since returning from the summer break, going undefeated in all his matches. He's on an active 13-match winning streak over three events, including the Cincinnati Masters and US Open, both of which he won.

He was dominant last year indoors, losing only one match in the 19 competitive matches he played. The only loss came against Holger Rune in the Paris Masters final, while he won Astana, Tel Aviv and the ATP Finals, where he went undefeated.

That's a scary thought for all of his opponents, as tennis analyst Alex Corretja doesn't see it changing one bit. Speaking to Eurosport, Corretja alluded to Djokovic being by far the biggest favourite for the final two events of his season.

I think he should be probably one of the biggest contenders or the biggest contender to win the two finals in Turin and in Bercy. He's been playing so well through the whole season that he's got so much confidence that whenever he steps on the court, I think he feels that if he's ready, he's going to be almost unbeatable.

Corretja on Djokovic

The fact that Djokovic will arrive at those events completely healthy and fully rested only further emphasizes his advantage over the rest of the field. It's been an incredible season, and no matter how many times we see it, it remains as astonishing as ever.

If he does finish strongly, he'll also finish as the year-end No. 1, which will be spectacular in many ways, mostly because he'll better his own record of being the oldest year-end No. 1 ever, which he set two years ago (34 years and 7 months).


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