Djokovic Explains Shaking Episode After Hard-Fought Win In Monte Carlo

Djokovic Explains Shaking Episode After Hard-Fought Win In Monte Carlo

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic experienced significant shaking during his match against Lorenzo Musetti at the 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters, and he talked about it after the match.

Shaking during a tennis match is not something we often see from players, but we've seen it before from Djokovic. The Serbian experienced shaking episodes at the 2022 ATP Finals, which he ended up winning.

While it looked very worrying when it happened, ultimately, it didn't prove to be a huge hindrance, and the Serbian overcame it. That shaking returned during his most recent match against Musetti at the Monte-Carlo Masters.

Djokovic ended up winning the match as well, so he once again overcame it. He did address it after winning, admitting that at times he didn't feel his best, but dismissed suggestions that it's something to worry about.

"Well, I must say that at some moments of the game today I was really not feeling great physically. But that's also part of the first several matches on clay."

"You know, when you play somebody as strong as Musetti, you know, where you have to earn your victory, have to work physically very hard, it's kind of, yeah, very much possible that it will happen where you will somehow hit the wall physically and you have to kind of find a way up from that."

Djokovic didn't seem too worried, and ultimately, he did win the match. It wasn't a clean or statement win, but he gave himself a chance to step out onto the courts one more time, and that's what his goal was for this week: playing as much as possible.

"Yeah, but I managed to find a way. That's what matters the most. I keep going. I have to, as I said, believe that the process of training and everything that I'm doing with my team is going to give me rewards."


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