Djokovic 'Even In Better Shape Than 10 Years Ago' According To Zverev

Djokovic 'Even In Better Shape Than 10 Years Ago' According To Zverev

by Evita Mueller

Novak Djokovic is a pretty committed tennis player, which is why Alexander Zverev said that he's in better shape than ten years ago.

Djokovic once published a book where he talked about his commitment to tennis. It's a pretty strict regime but also something he feels is vital to who he is as a person and player.

The results speak for themselves, as he's by far the best player in the past ten years and quite possibly ever. No player comes even close to Djokovic's dedication to tennis, and it shows.

Even players much younger than him can't keep up, as we saw Holger Rune struggle physically in his last match against Djokovic at the ATP Finals.

As someone who got a chance to grow up around the Tour and watched Djokovic for many years, Zverev agrees. He actually believes that the Serbian is in better shape today compared to 10 years, and it's not impossible.

I think he's a player that takes care of his body the best out of everybody. I think he goes through his rituals pretty much every single day. He takes care of himself, and that's his number one priority above everything else. I think he's done extremely well doing that over the last few years.

I think he's 36 years old, but he hooks like he's 26, 27. He might be in even better shape than he was 10 years ago. It doesn't really even seem that he looks like he's going to stop.

It truly does look like Djokovic could go on a player for 10 more years because he's still the dominant force on Tour at his age. That barely ever happens, but here he is hoping to win yet another trophy in Turin. After his Paris showing, there is a pretty good chance that it might happen.


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