Djokovic Admits He Struggles With Motivation In Non-Grand Slam Tournaments

Djokovic Admits He Struggles With Motivation In Non-Grand Slam Tournaments

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic is less motivated now than he was earlier in his career, but Grand Slams are still the main goal for him.

Being arguably the best player of all time means that the Serbian won a lot in his tennis career, and Djokovic certainly won a lot. Inevitably, that will affect his motivation because keeping himself motivated 20 years into his tennis career is not easy.

Djokovic understood that there would be a time when he wouldn't feel as strongly about tennis as other things come into his life, and he's at that stage now.

Playing some smaller ATP events simply doesn't motivate him anymore, but he's still super motivated at Grand Slams. He's also very committed to tennis when he is playing, so not much really changes for him in that sense, as he admitted at the 2024 Roland Garros.

"Well, I've said it recently that I did struggle with motivation on a constant basis, so to say, to always have that motivation l've had for more than 20-whatever years of professional tennis."

"I knew the moment is going to arrive sooner or later where l'm just going to, you know, have off weeks, so to say, where I'm struggling to push myself or deliver what needs to be delivered on the court."

He's been quite open about his only real goals this year being the Grand Slams and the Olympics. Everything else doesn't matter as much, and it makes sense for the 37-year-old.

Those are the biggest events, especially since he never won the gold medal at the Olympics. Djokovic's dream of winning the gold medal remains a huge one, and he'll try to make it happen later this year.

"It's true that I'm focused pretty much solely on Grand Slams and Olympics this year, and playing for my country, really. That's something that really drives me the most today. But yeah, it is becoming a little bit more challenging for me to push myself every single tournament to be really at the top."


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