Carlos Alcaraz vs Gael Monfils: 2024 Miami Open - Preview & Prediction

Carlos Alcaraz vs Gael Monfils: 2024 Miami Open - Preview & Prediction

by Zachary Wimer

Box-office tennis is coming up at the 2024 Miami Open because Carlos Alcaraz will face Gael Monfils in the third round of the tournament.

The Frenchman is a known commodity in tennis, and we know what he brings to a tennis court. On the other hand, Alcaraz might be one of the most exciting tennis players who ever lived, so what could possibly go wrong when they meet at the Miami Open?

Not a lot, to be honest, but let's see whether the veteran can do anything to trouble the former Miami Open champion. Monfils has had some solid performances in Miami in the past.

The veteran is playing really solid tennis right now, which is amazing considering the number of injuries he had in his career and the fact that he's not the youngest anymore.

We all know what Alcaraz brings to the tennis court, and his 6-2, 6-1 win in the previous round certainly proves that he's feeling good.


We've actually seen this matchup before at the 2022 Indian Wells Open, and Alcaraz won that match 7-5, 6-1. I think Monfils will have better chances at the Miami Open because the courts play a bit nicer for him.

He also looks in better shape right now compared to 2022, so that will likely balance out the matchup a bit more, expect the veteran to be quite aggressive. He has to be because if he allows Alcaraz to do that, it will be a short match.

Gael Monfils Carlos Alcaraz
0 H2H 1
47 Rank 2
37 Age 20
9-7 2024 W/L 13-3
549-321 Career W/L 168-46


I think Monfils will win a set here because I've been impressed with his performance. Alcaraz will likely win the match because he is younger and better, but I think fans will be treated to a three-set match.

Prediction: Carlos Alcaraz to win in three sets.


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