Carlos Alcaraz Declares Himself 'At 100%' Ahead Of ATP Finals Debut

Carlos Alcaraz Declares Himself 'At 100%' Ahead Of ATP Finals Debut

by Evita Mueller

There are a lot of question marks about Carlos Alcaraz's physical condition, but he declared himself 100% fit ahead of the 2023 ATP Finals.

The last time we saw Carlos Alcaraz play was at the Paris Masters recently, and he didn't look 100% fit. He played a fine match against Roman Safiullin, but something was missing in his game, which worried fans.

He admitted that he didn't feel too well during the match, which further worried fans. We don't really know whether he's fully fit because he has a habit of overselling his health and playing events even when he's hurt.

He generally doesn't do that when he's really hurt, but some aches here and there are common for him. In the pre-event press conference, Alcaraz spoke about his excitement of finally being able to play in Turin and declared himself 100% fit.

Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, and we'll probably know it immediately after his first round-robin match at the tournament in Turin.

It's great to be here. First time here in Turin with the top players. Obviously I'm really excited to have my debut here and let's see how it goes. I'm feeling great right now. I'm a 100%. Last year wasn't ale to play this tournament but I'm really excited for my debut here and do it at 100%.

Fans will be happy to hear that he's fully fit, but we won't really know until he steps onto a tennis court. There is a very distinct bounciness to the Spaniard when he's able to play his best tennis, and we haven't seen that in a while.

Seemingly, the 20-year-old has been dealing with multiple issues since the US Open, and this may be his first event in that he'll play fully fit. His first match is against Alexander Zverev, and that one should tell us plenty. It will be played on Day 2 of the event on Monday.


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