Alcaraz 'Didn't Feel Well' During His Opening-Round Defat At Paris Masters

Alcaraz 'Didn't Feel Well' During His Opening-Round Defat At Paris Masters

by Evita Mueller

Carlos Alcaraz didn't play a good match in his 2023 Paris Masters opening match, and apparently, he didn't feel well either.

Alcaraz had high hopes for the Paris Masters because he wanted to do well at the event for once, but it didn't work out that way. He alluded to some physical issues before the event, though he used his typical narrative of it being common or normal.

Whatever the truth is, it certainly didn't help him in the match against Roman Safiullin because the Russian outplayed him. It was a close match, and Alcaraz held leads at times but never fully relaxed, which he confirmed after the match.

Per his own words, Alcaraz didn't feel all that well on the court, which makes sense because he didn't really look comfortable.

Not at all. I just didn't feel well, you know, on the court. A lot of things to improve, a lot of things to practice. You know, I didn't feel well, you know, in the game. I think I didn't move well. In the shots, I think I had a good quality of shots.

Alcaraz on the match

But, you know, physically in the part of movement, I have to improve a lot.

He will certainly need to improve a lot if he hopes to do better at the ATP Finals, which are less than two weeks away. He'll have time to practice and find his best tennis.

Having the ATP Finals as his sole goal will be helpful as well because the race for number one took a massive hit after the loss to Safiullin.

He should simply focus on finishing the year strongly not worrying about anything else but that's easier said than done. His physical condition is questionable so that's another thing to watch when it comes to the Spaniard.


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