Rune Plans To Enjoy 'Fun & No Stress' At Hopman Cup

Rune Plans To Enjoy 'Fun & No Stress' At Hopman Cup

by Balasz Virag

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Holger Rune will be taking part in this year's Hopman Cup as the competition is set to make a return with six teams competing.

It will be held in July, from the 19th till the 23rd in Nice at the prestigious tennis club there. The competition will see six nations competing and each nation brings an ATP and WTA player. Denmark will be one of the countries as it joined France, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, and Belgium on the entry list.

The players who will represent Denmark are Holger Rune and Clara Tauson, talented youngsters who are hoping to inspire many young generations back home to pick up the racquet. Rune penned an article for the ITF on the occasion talking about what it means to him.

I will be teaming up and competing for my nation alongside Clara Tauson. We have known each other since we were very small and, growing up, we have played at the same clubs in Denmark. Despite not playing too much as a pair, we did once play mixed doubles together at under-12 level and won the National Championship. Even though it is some years ago now, we will for sure try to bring the wins again.

Rune is excited about the opportunity to play the event because it's not an event where you feel that much pressure. You want to win for your country but the emphasis is to have fun and there is no ranking points to be won.

However, the fact that Hopman Cup is a team competition, with no ranking points on offer, makes it a brilliant event to play at this time of year with the emphasis on fun – and no stress – before getting on a hard court as the build up to the US Open continues.

Rune praised the competition in the event singling out Spain with Alcaraz and Badosa as formidable opponents but he's excited about the great week in Nice.

There is plenty of tennis to play beforehand but I honestly cannot wait for Hopman Cup and I am sure we will put on a good show for spectators. I am very excited for this great week in Nice!


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