Ben Shelton Compared To Andy Roddick By Serena Williams' Ex-Coach

Ben Shelton Compared To Andy Roddick By Serena Williams' Ex-Coach

by Zachary Wimer

Rick Macci compared Ben Shelton to Andy Roddick, predicting that he would have a very bright future because of their common trait.

The American coach has worked with many greats in the past, allowing him to spot proper talent quickly. Shelton obviously has it, as he proved it on the big stage with a US Open semi-final run.

The American reminds Macci of Roddick, a tremendous player who had a great career. Like Roddick, Shelton has a feisty attitude that could see him challenge the top players pretty soon

His game has everything needed to become a great champion. In an interview with Sportskeeda, Macci laid out his thoughts on the 21-year-old player, who recently became the American No. 1 on the ATP Tour.

"Even though you got Medvedev, you got a lot of guys in there that aren't going anywhere, but Shelton is here to stay. He has a big game and he's only getting to get better. He reminds me a little bit of Roddy (Andy Roddick) because he has that feisty attitude."

One thing that Macci singled out as a huge advantage was his serve. When you have as good a serve as Shelton, you will fancy your chances against anybody on any surface when the match is on the line, and that's just not something everybody has.

"The one thing Ben has gone for him is his serve, and when you have one of the best serves in the world, you can be in a tiebreaker or five all with anybody anytime on any surface. I think all the Americans have a chance at a grand slam, whether it be Ben Shelton or Sebastian Korda."

Shelton already has trophies on both hard and clay, so Macci seems to be right. Now it's up to the youngster to get to that level and become a Grand Slam champion.


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