'Another Day At Office': Shelton Reveals He Felt No Nerves During Tokyo Final

'Another Day At Office': Shelton Reveals He Felt No Nerves During Tokyo Final

by Sebastian Dahlman

Ben Shelton won his first ATP trophy on Sunday, but he didn't feel any nerves in the final, which is not something he was expecting.

The match Ben Shelton played on Sunday in Tokyo is arguably not the biggest match he played in his career. That would be the US Open one against Novak Djokovic however it was his maiden ATP final, which is a significant match nonetheless.

It was his first chance at getting a real shiny ATP trophy, and he expected some nerves in the 2023 Japan Open final. Still, according to Shelton, who spoke after the final, he didn't really feel too many nerves in the final.

It certainly looked that way when he played the match because he was totally composed and never seemed to be under tremendous pressure.

It was interesting. I expected to be a lot more nervous going into the match, but I felt pretty calm and at peace and clear minded when on court. I am not sure what came over me and gave me the calmness and confidence that I had out there, but it felt like another day at the office.

The match ultimately concluded in two sets as he bested Aslan Karatsev comfortably and that was that. His first ATP final ended with him getting the trophy. It's an amazing experience for the youngster who will certainly win many more.

He's in the Top 15 right now and looks destined to go even further next year. The sky is the limit for the American who is currently on cloud nine.

It means a lot. It is not something I thought I would accomplish when I started playing tennis. To be able to be in a position to compete for a title and hold my nerve and win one is really special for me and my team and something I will remember for the rest of my life.


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