Andy Murray vs Tomas Machac: 2024 Marseille Open - Preview & Prediction

Andy Murray vs Tomas Machac: 2024 Marseille Open - Preview & Prediction

by Zachary Wimer

After losing early in Montpellier, Andy Murray is going to play at the 2024 Marseille Open to play more tennis, but it won't be easy with Tomas Machac waiting in the first round.

The Brit is not giving up on his career despite most recent struggles. He's 0-3 this year, with the most recent loss coming last week in Montpellier. It's pretty hard seeing Murray struggle so much, but it's not looking promising with the way the draw unfolded.

Facing Tomas Machac indoors or on hard courts will never be easy because the Czech player loves to play aggressive tennis in these conditions. He's had a solid year so far with five wins and three losses, but his all-time indoor record is 98-47, which is really impressive.


This is the first time they will play, which makes sense as Machac spent much of his early career on the ATP Challenger Tour. Murray might have some problems here because he'll get against a player that will make him run a lot, and he's not done particularly well against that lately.

He will need his serve to work well to minimize the pressure coming from Machac, but that's easier said than done. Murray's serve can be hit-and-miss, but it will come at a great cost in this one.

Andy Murray Tomas Machac
0 H2H 0
49 Rank 66
36 Age 23
1-4 2024 W/L 5-3
733-252 Career W/L 19-19


Machac is favoured in this one, and there is a very good reason for that. He's simply the better player right now, and if both bring their usual level, Machac will win. There are ways for Murray to win, but a lot needs to go right for the Brit to win this first-round match.

Predicton: Tomas Machac to win in three sets.


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