Andy Murray Accepts Wild Card Into Last Clay Tournament Prior To French Open

Andy Murray Accepts Wild Card Into Last Clay Tournament Prior To French Open

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray seemingly wants to play on the clay courts during the 2024 ATP season, as he accepted a wild card into an ATP 250 tournament prior to the Roland Garros.

Weeks ago, Murray was playing his best tennis this year at the Miami Open. He won a couple of matches but then lost one, which he could have realistically won against Tomas Machac.

The loss itself was disappointing, but the worst thing was an ankle injury, which initially looked quite bad. There were talks about surgery, but Murray shut them down after further testing.

He actually returned to the tennis courts for practice fairly recently, and now we know where he'll make his comeback. The return itself hinted heavily towards playing at Roland Garros, and this wild card acceptance all but confirms it.

He has accepted a wild card to the Geneva Open, where he'll make his return after the ankle injury he suffered at the Miami Open. This ATP 250 event is played in the week before Roland Garros, and there is really no reason for Murray to play there unless he intends to play at the Roland Garros.

Considering that this is his final season on the ATP Tour, it makes sense that he wants to play at Roland Garros one final time. He joins a strong entry list at the Geneva Open, with players who will look to fine-tune their clay tennis days away from the major.

The court in Geneva is certainly the type of clay court Murray prefers these days, so it's a good spot for him to prepare. It's played from May 18th to the 25th, just days before the French Open.

Hopefully, Murray didn't rush it just to play in Paris, as the grass season will come quickly after that, and we know that's a priority for him.


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