'Amazing News': Djokovic Hoping For One More Match Against Returning Rival Nadal

'Amazing News': Djokovic Hoping For One More Match Against Returning Rival Nadal

by Evita Mueller

Rafael Nadal is set to make a comeback in 2024, and Novak Djokovic wants to face him at least once more on the ATP Tour.

Nothing in the career of Rafael Nadal is certain, especially not him continuing to play for much longer. His comeback has a lot of question marks, and Nadal's own careful approach to his comeback shows that really well.

Nobody knows what to expect of it, but Djokovic has some ideas. He'd like to face his legendary rival at least once more before he retires, and he spoke about it recently at the 2023 ATP Finals.

Obviously, he wouldn't mind more than one match, but he'll take one. Nadal has historically been his biggest rival, so it makes sense that he wants a proper match once more, given that their rivalry is coming to an end.

I think it would be nice for the sport to have at least one more match between Nadal and me. That's the biggest rivalry in terms of the amount of matches played that this sport ever had. Hopefully that can happen.

The last time they played was at the 2022 Roland Garros. Nadal won the match and the event after that. He missed much of this year due to the injury, so they couldn't have played, but we might see it in 2024 if everything goes well.

Djokovic fully believes that Nadal will try everything in his power to come back fully fit.

He's a big warrior. He's somebody that really never gives up. With all the injuries that he had, keeps going. That's definitely something that you have to respect and admire about him and his spirit. For the world of tennis, no doubt that it's amazing news that he'll be back.

He's back to practising regularly, but he's not yet confirmed to play at the Australian Open. Some suggestions say that he might miss the Australian Summer swing, but time will tell best.


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