Alcaraz Wants To Challenge The Best in The World and That Means Medvedev

Alcaraz Wants To Challenge The Best in The World and That Means Medvedev

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Carlos Alcaraz will be playing the 2023 Indian Wells final and he's not afraid to challenge the best of the best on the ATP Tour.

In a thrilling and highly anticipated match, Carlos Alcaraz emerged victorious over Jannik Sinner at Indian Wells, providing tennis enthusiasts with a glimpse into a rivalry that could shape the ATP Tour for years to come.

The 7-6(4), 6-3 win not only pushed Alcaraz to the final against Daniil Medvedev but also placed him within striking distance of reclaiming the World No. 1 spot, which he could climb to again on Monday if he beats the Russian in the final.

Alcaraz spoke highly of Sinner after the match, acknowledging the Italian's skill and foreshadowing the potential for a long-lasting, competitive rivalry between the two young talents.

"I'm really happy with the performance today. I'm really happy to get through this great match. Jannik obviously is a really great player with great shots."

"I would say we're going to have a great rivalry over the years. We are playing in the best tournaments in the world. It's not over here. We are going to play a lot of great matches. All I can say is I'm really happy with my first final here in Indian Wells."

The intense Indian Wells semi-final showcased both players' abilities, with Alcaraz managing to save a set point in the first set before ultimately finding his rhythm in the second. The Spaniard attributed his victory to overcoming nerves and adopting a more relaxed approach.

"Playing against Jannik is never easy. I had to overcome a little bit of problems. I had set point down. I knew that I had to increase my level to [beat] Jannik. It was a really close first set. In the second set I put out all the nerves and played more relaxed. I think it was the key of everything."

With his sights set on the final match against Medvedev, Alcaraz is eager to test his mettle against the best in the world and according to his own words, that's currently the Russian. Medvedev is not the world no. 1, but he's unbeaten in the last 19 matches, which includes also a win over the world no. 1, Novak Djokovic.

"I really want to play against the best tennis player in the world. I always say that if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, and I would say that Daniil is the best player right now... amazing winning streak. For me, it's going to be a really difficult challenge but I'm really prepared for that. I will summon my best tomorrow in the final."



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