Alcaraz Avoids Thinking About Taking No. 1 Spot From Djokovic Again

Alcaraz Avoids Thinking About Taking No. 1 Spot From Djokovic Again

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Carlos Alcaraz will have a chance to become the World No. 1 once again but one man will stand in his way.

And that man won't be Novak Djokovic, who currently leads the rankings on the ATP Tour. The Serb couldn't compete in the United States and so Alcaraz was presented with a great chance to regain the spot that he lost at this year's Australian Open, which he was forced to miss due to an injury.

In the 2023 Indian Wells final, the young Spaniard will meet Daniil Medvedev after beating Jannik Sinner in the semifinals. For both players, it will be the first final at Indian Wells and both are in great form as Medvedev is currently on a 19-match win streak.

With the win on Sunday, Alcaraz can become the World No. 1 again and he's aware of the possibility but tries not to think about it as he revealed during the press conference after his semifinal victory against the Italian.

"I know if I win [on Sunday] I’m gonna become the No 1. Well, I will try not to think about that — just to think about the things that I have to do, you know? I would say gonna be a really tactic match against Daniil."

"(It) is gonna be really tough. I have to make, let’s say, everything perfect. That’s all I’m gonna think (about). But, you know, it [would] be great to win tomorrow, of course."

Speaking about his opponent, who will certainly be a big challenge for the Spaniard, he had only words of praise. The two met only once on the ATP Tour and it was at Wimbledon in 2021 when Medvedev won comfortably in three sets. This time, the situation will be much different.

"He’s a wall. He returns every ball — impossible shots. I talked with my team that the returns are almost in the corner of the court and (he is) still winning the points. He’s an amazing runner; he’s an amazing player. I probably (have to) hit my best shots to hit winners against him."



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