Alcaraz To Have 'More Opportunities To Accomplish More' Than Sinner According To Toni Nadal

Alcaraz To Have 'More Opportunities To Accomplish More' Than Sinner According To Toni Nadal

by Zachary Wimer

Noted tennis coach Toni Nadal is a huge fan of Carlos Alcaraz, and he recently said that the Spaniard is a far superior player to Jannik Sinner.

Both Toni Nadal and Alcaraz are Spanish, so it's not surprising that in most of his statements, he favors his compatriot, who may be the successor of his nephew. However, he also speaks as somebody who knows tennis deeply, not just as a fan or a compatriot.

Many would agree that Alcaraz is likely the slightly better player overall, but the Italian doesn't seem behind that much. He led him in their most recent match at Roland Garros and is the current number one on the ATP Tour.

Still, to Toni Nadal, the Spaniard could simply accomplish more when he's on a tennis court, and it has nothing to do with the surfaces.

"Alcaraz is better, he accomplishes more on the court than Sinner, his tennis is more varied. I see Alcaraz with more opportunities to accomplish more in the future."

Toni Nadal backs Alcaraz over Sinner

"Sinner has great mastery, although Alcaraz is slightly superior in terms of mental abilities. Both are equally strong on all surfaces as tennis has become much more homogeneous."

It's a fascinating conversation because these two players are expected to dominate the sport in the coming decade. Alcaraz has had more success so far, winning three Grand Slams overall compared to Sinner's only one.

Their H2H this year shows 1-1, but a hugely important match may be coming up at Wimbledon. Alcaraz is the defending champion, having beaten Novak Djokovic in the final last year, which was an impressive win.

Beating Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros is likely the only thing harder, but now he has to back it up. Sinner is one of the better grass players on Tour, so the question is who can emerge on top in London?


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