Kyrgios 'Gone To All Lenghts To Distance Himself' From Andrew Tate After Controversial Post

Kyrgios 'Gone To All Lenghts To Distance Himself' From Andrew Tate After Controversial Post

by Zachary Wimer

Nick Kyrgios once engaged with Andrew Tate's commentary on X (formerly Twitter), and he's recently gone to great lengths to distance himself from the controversial figure.

Andrew Tate is a social media personality who was previously jailed in Romania for allegations of human trafficking. He's known to the broader audiences for some of his controversial opinions, which were branded as misogynistic.

In short, it's not the type of person that many public figures want to associate themselves with in any way, especially if they have a reputation to uphold. While Kyrgios might not have the cleanest reputation, everything he has ever done pales compared to Tate, so engaging with him on social media immediately stood out on the Australian's timeline.

Many fans were furious to see it, and Kyrgios recently explained what happened. He's going to be part of the BBC commentary for the upcoming Wimbledon, and before joining the commentary team, Kyrgios admitted that he wasn't fully aware of who Tate was.

"I was not aware of the full picture when I reposted Andrew Tate. Since I have learned of the full story I have deleted posts, unfollowed him and gone to all lengths to distance myself."

The interaction went viral on social media, especially in light of Kyrgios' own past, which includes a trial for domestic violence. He pleaded guilty but avoided a criminal conviction for what he describes as a deeply regretful action.

"What I did was wrong; I think I’ve been very clear about that. I reacted to a difficult situation in a way that I deeply regret. I have apologised, and I really meant when I said nothing like it will ever happen again. For now, I’m just so happy to be here at Wimbledon and doing my best to share some insights into the tournament for everyone watching on the BBC."


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