Alcaraz Still 'The Best' Despite Having 'Rival' In Sinner According To Toni Nadal

Alcaraz Still 'The Best' Despite Having 'Rival' In Sinner According To Toni Nadal

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner has seemingly overtaken Carlos Alcaraz in recent months, but Toni Nadal thinks he's still the better player.

Alcaraz was generally considered the better player between himself and Sinner. They had some nice battles, with both winning matches, but generally, people saw the Spaniard as better.

That only intensified after Alcaraz won Wimbledon, but funnily enough, that's his last great achievement. Since then Sinner generally outperformed the Spaniard.

The Italian won the Canadian Open, the China Open in Beijing, the Vienna Open, the Davis Cup, the Australian Open, and the Rotterdam Open recently. Alcaraz hasn't even made a single final since then, missing out on one in Buenos Aires recently.

It's clear that Sinner has been the better player in recent months, something Alcaraz himself admitted recently. Even so, Toni Nadal still sees the Spaniard as the better player. For AS, Nadal said that he thinks that Alcaraz is the best player right now despite the bad play.

"Alcaraz is very young. I think he is the best. You have to continue trusting him. I believe that he will continue to bring a lot of joy to Spanish tennis."

It is a very tough question to ask because, generally, you can only really compare at a given moment. Everything else is potential that might or might not come true.

For much of the past two years, Alcaraz has been the better player, but right now, he has some catching up to do, with Sinner clearly becoming his top rival.

"In Sinner, from now on, Alcaraz will have a tough rival. He already was before, but after winning, he has extra confidence. And I think we will see great confrontations between the two."

He might be the better player overall, but even that isn't something everybody is sold on. Rennae Stubbs thinks that Sinner will become the greater player, so obviously, public perception has changed recently.


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