Alcaraz Still 'Doesn't Have Djokovic's Ability To Dictate' According To Woodbridge

Alcaraz Still 'Doesn't Have Djokovic's Ability To Dictate' According To Woodbridge

by Zachary Wimer

Former legendary doubles ATP player Todd Woodbridge doesn't think Carlos Alcaraz can dictate the way Novak Djokovic does.

The Serbian player had many years to perfect his tennis skills, years that Alcaraz has yet to experience. That's why it's not that unusual to consider Djokovic to be a player with a more balanced skillset than the Spanish youngster.

There aren't many things that Alcaraz can't do on a tennis court, but former player Todd Woodbridge found one. According to the former player who was interviewed for the March edition of Five in Focus, Alcaraz can't dictate the way Djokovic does, even though he's a fascinating tennis player who deserves everything that he achieved.

"This is a period of absolutely coming to terms with stardom, money, fame, pressure, time management. He's young; he doesn't have that ability of Novak (Djokovic), yet, to dictate every term on the court. He's got sheer brilliance and exuberance and youth and athleticism and shot-making, but that's still coming together."

Alcaraz recently won another big trophy, his second Indian Wells Opens, which was a huge achievement. He struggled in the past few months, going over six months without a final.

This trophy is the best way to get back to winning ways and resetting. Woodbridge likes the setup Alcaraz has because he believes in himself as a really good team around himself that has guided him wonderfully so far.

"That you can overcome all the problems that you have. It doesn't matter what problems you have. If you believe in yourself, you have a really good team around, you work hard, everything can turn around."

A pretty big clay swing is coming up for Alcaraz, who many consider the top name on that surface, with Rafael Nadal's future in limbo. But before that, the Spanish player will compete at the 2024 Miami Open in an attempt to add another trophy to his collection.


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