'Misses Them So Much': Djokovic's Miami Withdrawal Could Be Tied To Children Suggests Robson

'Misses Them So Much': Djokovic's Miami Withdrawal Could Be Tied To Children Suggests Robson

by Zachary Wimer

Former WTA player and tennis analyst Laura Robson suggested that Novak Djokovic's Miami Open withdrawal could be tied to his kids.

The 24-time major winner made the trip to the United States for what many assumed would be the Sunshine Doubles. The Serbian traveled early to better prepare for the event that he had not played at for the past five years.

It didn't go so well, as he was beaten quite early by Luca Nardi. The Serbian then announced that he would be missing the Miami Open, which didn't surprise too many people.

Many fans thought it might happen after his Indian Wells ended in great disappointment. He's not injured, but he likely wants to return to Europe, where he can better prepare for the clay season, which is just weeks away.

According to former player Laura Robson, who spoke to Sky Sports, missing his family could have also been a factor.

"Yeah I feel like when you’re away from your kids so often, he just misses them so much. Whether that’s the reason, I’m not totally sure. Really could be anything because it’s not that specific, but he spoke about it a lot in Australia that he misses them when he’s away, that it’s a huge sacrifice for him not to be there."

Djokovic's family often spends time in Spain, where he established a new base alongside his brother, who has lived there for a while. Being close to them is certainly beneficial as they're quickly growing up. His son even picked up the racquet.

According to Robson, while not feeling at his best, the best decision for Djokovic was simply to withdraw and enjoy some more time with his family.

"And he wants them to see him play tennis, for sure, but equally, the moments at home are just as important to him. And he’s won everything, so, do you really need to win another Miami Open? Do you need to even play that week if you’re not feeling 100% about it? No."


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