Djokovic Opens Up About Period When He Contemplated Retirement

Djokovic Opens Up About Period When He Contemplated Retirement

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic once actually contemplated retirement, and he recently opened up about the period.

Back in 2018, Djokovic didn't really see himself playing tennis in 2024. He certainly didn't think it was possible to play beyond 2018 because, at that time, the Serbian seriously contemplated retirement.

It might sound crazy from the current perspective because he's actually the world's number one right now in 2024, but back then, things were different.

He was one of the best players in the world, but he was also plagued by an elbow injury for more than a year. After trying everything possible to fix it, Djokovic simply had enough. He was losing matches, he wasn't playing good tennis, and he wasn't able to solve this elbow problem.

After the 2018 Miami Open, Djokovic told his team that he was done with tennis. After calming down, his team urged him to reconsider, so he did and opted to continue. He would undergo surgery for his elbow, something he hoped to avoid, and things would work out.

The Serbian discussed that period during a recent appearance at the Upfront Summit, where he generally discussed perseverance, which has been the staple of his career so far.

"I had a fantastic career, and no one was really telling me 'Maybe you should think of slowing down.' I did feel like I wanted to leave tennis, I must say that, particularly a few months after the surgery."

"I played the worst tennis that I ever played. I was losing to guys that I never lost to, and I just felt miserable on the court, and I felt, 'maybe this is the moment.' So I gathered my team and I told them I was starting to distance myself from professional tennis, I though it was maybe time for the next chapter."


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