Alcaraz Reveals What He Asked Legend Agassi During Their Private Talk

Alcaraz Reveals What He Asked Legend Agassi During Their Private Talk

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz recently spent time with Andre Agassi in Las Vegas, and he revealed what he asked the legendary player.

Alcaraz was recently in Las Vegas for the Netflix Slam, where he bested Rafael Nadal in an exhibition match. The match had been in the works for a while but didn't materialize until this year, as it had to be postponed in 2023.

It wasn't the only thing he did in Las Vegas because he spent some time with ATP legend Andre Agassi. The legend grew up in Las Vegas and has resided there since his retirement, so it was rather easy to connect.

He was asked about that meeting during his appearance on the Tennis Channel panel during the 2024 Indian Wells Open. The Spanish player admitted he asked him about tips, as the American has a lot of experience with being the best.

"Well, I ask him (Agassi) for a few tips, a few things about how he was doing during his career, how he dealt with the pressure or how he stayed at the high rank or the high intensity during almost his whole career."

Agassi's concept is pretty interesting. Players usually don't feel 100% tennis-wise every day, but by ensuring that they give 100% effort every time, they put themselves in a very good spot as one of the best players in the world.

"He told me that ‘you have to give your 100% every day, or if you feel at your 80%, you have to give your 100% of that 80%.’ He told me the importance of every day. You cannot miss nothing in a day."

Alcaraz has embodied that attitude so far, and he certainly plans to keep it going. Learning to win when he's not having his best day is vital for becoming a great champion.


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