Alcaraz Reportedly Modeling His Serve After Auger-Aliassime To Improve

Alcaraz Reportedly Modeling His Serve After Auger-Aliassime To Improve

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz is aware that he needs to improve his service if he wants to take the next step, and he's working on it and using a fellow ATP colleague as inspiration.

One part of Alcaraz's game needs to improve for him to truly transform himself into an almost unbeatable player. It's the serve, and he has already improved it since entering the pros, but it can be a lot better.

He's not the tallest player, so he likely won't have the most powerful or best serve, but there are plenty of players around his height who have developed a really good serve. If he does, he'll add a huge weapon to an already deadly arsenal.

Antonio Martinez Cascales acts as a secondary coach to Alcaraz in Juan Carlos Ferrero's absence, and he talked with Relevo about the Spaniard and his serve. He's actually looking at Felix Auger-Aliassime for inspiration because they have similar motions.

"There are times when the movement accelerates him too much and this leads him to throw the ball a little low, to not have enough pause. This is what he is insisted on a lot."

Adding a good serve would be huge for Alcaraz because he could count on more free points than he already has. With a forehand like his, a good serve that creates many short returns would be monumental.

When Cascales was asked about whether there was someone they looked to model the serve after, he gave a clear answer.

"Felix Auger Aliassime. They are two very similar serves, wanting to make a short preparation movement, very controlled. It is not that it is a model, but it is a very similar to that of Felix, who has always served very well."

"A mirror or a reflection in which to see yourself to take a new step forward in your game that has allowed Alcaraz to ride the waves of the Miami vibe. We'll see if they take him to the title."


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