Alcaraz Praises 'Super Human' Djokovic's Miraculous Recovery Ahead Of Wimbledon

Alcaraz Praises 'Super Human' Djokovic's Miraculous Recovery Ahead Of Wimbledon

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic recovered from his knee surgery in record time and will play at Wimbledon, and his effort earned the praise of Carlos Alcaraz, who called him 'super human'.

Alcaraz won his maiden Wimbledon trophy last year by dethroning Djokovic after many years of his dominance in London. There were a couple of challengers who tried to do it in years past, but nobody actually got it done the way the Spaniard was able to.

He hopes to do it again this year, and he might have to go through Djokovic again because the Serbian recovered in record time from his meniscus surgery.

He will play at the event, and the Spaniard praised his effort to return so quickly from the surgery. He admitted to the media that he was a bit surprised that Djokovic was able to recover so quickly.

"I'm always going to put him on the list of favorites. I was surprised on the one hand that he is here, but not completely surprised because we all know how he takes care of himself, his diet, his breaks from competition."

Alcaraz on Djokovic

As a competitor, Alcaraz will enjoy having Djokovic at the event because he wants to play the best. He's always enjoyed taking on the best players, and he showed this last year.

The fact that he faced the seven-time champion in the final certainly motivated him to deliver an iconic performance to lift his first Wimbledon trophy. The Spaniard also revealed that they actually met each other in London, with Alcaraz telling him that he was super human.

"I already told him the other day that what he does is super human. In two and a half weeks he is already playing sets at a very high level. He has already shown that he is recovering very well."


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