Alcaraz Only Fourth In Latest UTR Rankings, Djokovic On Top

Alcaraz Only Fourth In Latest UTR Rankings, Djokovic On Top

by Evita Mueller

Universal Tennis Rankings have Novak Djokovic as the number one player in the world right now and Carlos Alcaraz only as number 4.

The UTR Rankings are not the official rankings, but they are pretty popular in some spheres of modern tennis. Some players even advocated for the rankings, wanting to see them being adopted as the official ones, but that's likely not going to ever happen.

It does have an interesting way of ranking players, which means that the ATP Rankings and the UTR Rankings are not always the same. For example, Novak Djokovic is currently world number one in both.

That's not a huge surprise because he's been really amazing for a very long time now, winning a lot this year. That part is fine. Number two on the ATP Rankings is, of course, Carlos Alcaraz, who had an amazing year but not as great as that of Djokovic.

He's been by far the second-best player in the world this year, and the ATP Rankings confirm that. However, the UTR ones do not. On the UTR Rankings, Alcaraz is only 4th right now, which is quite interesting. He trails Daniil Medvedev and Jannik Sinner, who are ahead but only by a little.

Player & Rank UTR
1. Novak Djokovic 16.44
2. Daniil Medvedev 16.36
3. Jannik Sinner 16.33
4. Carlos Alcaraz 16.31

So let's examine why that might be. Alcaraz has won 63 matches this year. He only lost 10 so far this year, making his way to 8 finals, winning 6 of them. One was a Grand Slam, and another one was an ATP 1000 trophy.

Medvedev won 64 matches this year, so he's actually the leader in wins on the ATP Tour. He made it to 9 finals this year, winning five of them. Two were ATP 1000 trophies, so what do you think? Tell us below who should be number one.

Is the ATP or the UTR right? Who should be number 2?


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