Djokovic Explains Reason Behind Being So Successful At Paris Masters

Djokovic Explains Reason Behind Being So Successful At Paris Masters

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic has always been pretty good at the Paris Masters, and according to him, it comes down to motivation.

Motivation is a pretty interesting thing because very few people can describe it accurately. It's different for all of us as we're all wired differently. Some are highly motivated, while others are less.

In the case of Djokovic, we already know the answer. You don't do everything he's done so far in his career without being tremendously motivated. That motivation is actually the key ingredient for his strong finishes to the tennis season.

Djokovic has traditionally played really well in Paris, winning the Paris Masters 7 times in total. The seventh time happened just a few hours ago, as he bested Grigor Dimitrov in the final, and after the match, he tried to explain what makes him so successful at the last ATP 1000 event of the season.

Part of it is his schedule, which generally isn't heavy leading up to Paris, but part of his is the deep desire to finish on a high note.

He has that same hunger and motivation at the start of the year, which could describe his tremendous Australian Open performances.

My goal is to end up the season on the high note, on the highest note possible. So I'm one of the players who are very motivated to end up the season on a high note. With all of the emotion and the energy from the public this week in Paris, every day I find the motivation to play my best tennis in Paris, in Roland Garros or here in Bercy.

I don't know if that is the most accurate explanation for you, but I'm very motivated, may it be the beginning of the year and we can see it with the outcome I had in Australia, but also I'm very motivated at the end of the year with Bercy here, and you can see the outcome here. So that's the reason.


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