'Virus Biggest Opposition' For Djokovic En Route To Paris Masters Title

'Virus Biggest Opposition' For Djokovic En Route To Paris Masters Title

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic had a really good week at the 2023 Paris Masters, winning the trophy, and he referred to a stomach virus as his biggest opposition when it came to himself on the court.

It was a brilliant week for Djokovic in Paris, but it was not a week without problems. He faced tough opposition in a lot of his matches and dealt with some stomach issues on top of all of that.

In the end, none of that matters as he leaves the French capital with the trophy after beating Grigor Dimitrov in the final. A particularly striking thing was his physical resilience despite all of these problems.

At 36, Djokovic isn't the youngest anymore, but he worked hard to be physically ready, and it worked out well for him as he outlasted all of them.

Yeah, it could be the case. I really put a lot of effort into preparing myself for this last stretch of the season. Spent three, four weeks of really working on the tennis court and of course on my fitness. You know, I'm feeling great in terms of my body.

Things went so well for Djokovic that he jokingly referred to a stomach virus as his biggest problem this entire week, and he's not entirely wrong. He knows how to win tennis matches; however, beating a stomach virus isn't that easy.

you know, it was this virus that was really the biggest opposition, so to say, this week in terms of me feeling well on the court. That was something that is kind of outstanding, you know, that is not something that I'm normally encountering.

He will need some of that Paris magic for Turin. The event is about a week away, which is good enough to recover from this and get ready for the event. He went undefeated at the event last year, so the expectations are high. They always are with Djokovic, though.


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