Alcaraz 'Nowhere Near As Good' As Federer In Serving Despite Sharing Similar Height

Alcaraz 'Nowhere Near As Good' As Federer In Serving Despite Sharing Similar Height

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz needs to improve his serve to become an even more complete player, and he can do it because players of similar build, like Roger Federer, have done it.

Alcaraz is already one of the best players in the world. His title run at the Indian Wells Open recently certainly proved how incredible he can be at times. Yet, he's not a perfect player, and he has plenty to work on.

One of those things is the service, which he knows as well. Former player Rennae Stubbs recently talked about that, noting how Roger Federer, who was of a similar height, had an amazing serve, which implies that Alcaraz could have one as well.

"Carlos is not tall, neither was Roger Federer. Roger's what, 6'1? He's slightly taller than Carlos Alcaraz but very similar in height. But Roger was an amazing spot server. So they did a diagnosis of where they serve, as far as the Hawk-Eye."

"And Roger was always super close to the line. As is Novak's. So when you're talking about two guys of the same height, Roger and Carlos, Carlos' spots are nowhere near as good."

Height is not the main factor in serving, but it's obviously one of the crucial ones. The taller a player is, the better angle they are able to create, and there is something to be said about power. Still, as many examples proved in the past, Alcaraz can certainly be a much better server, and he should improve with time.

Novak Djokovic is a prime example of a player who improved a lot over the year when it comes to serving, especially precision, which the Spaniard lacks right now.

"They are like a good foot from the sideline, right? So he's hitting it good, he's hitting it big and all that stuff, but he's not hitting it close to the line. Because Roger would hit it really close to the lines."

"So I think, one area that he can really improve on is his spot serving. And Jim suggested, 'You just gotta take the cans, man!' Put the cans down as we all do as professionals."


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