Alcaraz Launches Foundation In His Name To Support Childhood Development

Alcaraz Launches Foundation In His Name To Support Childhood Development

by Nurein Ahmed

Carlos Alcaraz has officially confirmed the establishment of his own foundation, the Alcaraz Foundation, in which he will serve as its president.

Alcaraz is still in the early stages of his playing career but is also a keen believer in nurturing talent. The Alcaraz Foundation is meant to transform the lives of young children back in Spain under three important pillars.

The first is Sports and Inclusion. The 20-year-old believes sports is the most powerful tool for helping young people reach their full potential. As a successful young athlete, Alcaraz can testify to this statement because he became the youngest World No. 1 in ATP history at 19.

The second pillar is Movement and Health. With modern technology, it is very easy for children to become distracted by the never-ending cycle of scrolling through social media applications.

Breaking that cycle is paramount for the physical and emotional well-being of children, which is why Alcaraz is advocating for constant physical activity in their lives.

Lastly, the two-time Grand Slam champion is advocating for Social Awareness. Alcaraz wants to make information readily available so that society can understand the difficulties and challenges that the most disadvantaged children face.

After months of speculation of the foundation's inception, Alcaraz relayed the news on his X account (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, and a brand new website of the foundation has now been set up.

"Today is a very special day for me! The @FundacionCAG is born. We are going to work to help the little ones with all our strength."

Alcaraz wrote on X (formerly Twitter)

Even though he will be committed to playing tennis for over 30 weeks a year, he has named a very capable team to handle the foundation's affairs. Alcaraz's parents, Carlos Alcaraz González (father) and Virginia Garfia Escandón (mother) will serve as vice president and member of the board of trustees, respectively.


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